From the Pastor's Desk

February 18th

 Dear Friends,

        The singular joy of my life has been sharing my life with you. As you can see from the cover of the bulletin, I began my priesthood with you in 1958. In 1980, I returned as Pastor. God has blessed me in my retirement, that I could return and spend my retirement with you.

        I have always thought of you as family. God honored me by allowing me to share in the Baptisms of your children, their First Confession and First Eucharist. Later, I shared in their Confirmation and Wedding. Like you, I watched them grow up and have been very proud of who they became.

        As a priest, we are expected to pack up and move whenever the bishop has need of us. Living here with you has been my home. And I am grateful for the time I had with you.

        At this point in my life, I am where I need to be. But I miss the comradery that I share with you. Thank you for times that you smiled and waved to me. Thank you for inviting me to lunch or dinner. Thank you for the way you have taken care of me in these past years. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me.

        Do keep me in your prayers, and know, that you are in my heart and in my prayers.

Fr. Joe






St. Magnus of Cuneo “San Magno”           

     San Magnus is venerated as a martyr and member of the legendary Theban Legion. He was a soldier of the Theban Legion, which had been commanded by Saint Maurice. The Legion, composed of 6,666 Christian Soldiers, was decimated at Agaunum, the modern day Saint Maurice in 286 AD. The legion, was martyred when the entire legion refused to sacrifice to the Emperor Maximian and were put to death, by decimation, one out of ten at a time, until all were martyred.             
     St. Magnus, however, fled to the mountains of Piedmont, preaching the Christian religion in the Alps.   He was eventually martyred and buried in the spot now occupied by the Santuario di San Magno. His feast day is August 19 and the Feast Day of the Theban Legion is September 22.   St. Magnus and the heroic Martyrs of the Theban Legion are patrons and models of Patriotism and Faith. St. Magnus is  often depicted giving the Patriotic Roman Salute       
     The martyrology was written by Eucherius, Bishop of Lyon, who died in 494.   He wrote:

     It is painful to want to be able to do something and discover that you are now unable. Perhaps we are fatigued physically or mentally and we must rest. Our age may contribute to our inability to do what we once did so easily. Illness also limits our abilities. In the Gospel, Simon’s mother-in-law had been looking forward to his visit along with his friend, a new and dynamic teacher. She wanted everything to be just right. She had been preparing for days because she was known for her hospitality.            
     As the special day arrives, she is so ill that she cannot rise from her bed. We have all experienced this feeling. All she wants to do is serve her guests, but today, she cannot even sit up. We can also understand the alarms Simon felt as he entered her house, expecting to be greeted by her exceptional hospitality. However, he finds the house quiet, undecorated and there is no aroma of prepared foods. Even more startling is the scene of his mother-in-law confined to bed. An event he has never witnessed before.            

It can be difficult today to hear and understand the voice of God, but not impossible. We can be so busy with the issues of life, that our vision becomes narrow.   Certainly the voice of God is found in the scriptures. We can sense it in our conscience. We can see it in God’s creation. We should be alert and aware for where it will express its self. God is all around us. We need to recognize his voice when we hear it.   If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts. God hears us each time we pray. Even in the most difficult situations, when we feel that no one is listening to our voice, God hears us loud and clear. Let us grow in confidence of His love.